[rescue] Board ID, and stuff available

Eric Webb ttlchaos at randomc.com
Mon Apr 19 18:05:40 CDT 2004

On Monday 19 April 2004 05:21 pm, Patrick Finnegan wrote:
> 16MB ram card for an RS/6000 7013-6xx or 7012-3xx.  The other one with
> 8MB simms (mentioned in other email) is 64MB.  They're not really worth
> anything.  I guess the 64MB board might be useful to fill out a RS/6000
> 5xx machine, but I wouldn't pay anything for it.

Speaking of which, anyone want a 7013-530H?  I'm pretty sure it works, but 
don't know about the drives.  Several MCA cards.  I can take an inventory 
tomorrow maybe.  It's free, but I sure as hell don't wanna ship it.


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