[rescue] Old Sparc Needs some tests

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Mon Apr 19 13:12:28 CDT 2004

I could really use some knowledge here, so I don't go off in the dark and
do this wrong.

The rescued SparcStation20 that I have been using for network monitoring is
being considered for some upgrades or maybe replacement.  I need data on
how well it can handle a load as it currently is, so I know what to scale
to if and when they approve some new hardware, or if another CPU and some
RAM will suffice.  I suspect that the real limit is in the network to which
it is connected, and not the Sparc, so that data would be nice to have, too.

I know that several of the high-foreheads on this list do this sort of
thing in their sleep.  I'd like to peek into the nightmares, and see how
it's done, properly.

So, anybody got a line on good (open source/free) server load testing and
network monitoring apps?  I need to knock out this one Sun machine, and one
other G3 box running Linux and Apache serving mostly (almost entirely)
static pages.  I have root access to both machines, and other hardware
scattered about from which to test.  If I can get decent data, I'll be
using the process/software on other items around campus for planning
upgrades and troubleshooting.

Comments?  Questions?  Derision?

Wes Will
Help Desk, SIUC
Welcome to my nightmare.

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