[rescue] OT Taxes

Kevin Loch kloch at gurunet.net
Mon Apr 19 12:24:33 CDT 2004

Nick wrote:
> That's a nice theory.  The only problem is they don't pay the same tax
> rate we do... they pay a lawyer or accountant to find tax shelters for
> them, and pay 1% tax or less.  Is that fair?  A single mother making 20k
> a year pays More Taxes than microsoft did last year?  And the year
> before?  I pay more taxes than the average lawyer making 200k?  (I make
> less than 50k)  Bit fucked up woudln't you say?

No.  Money likes those who manage it well.  And all that money will
be taxed eventually.  Unrealized income from long term intestments
is a Good Thing for everyone.  I recommend any biography of Warren 
Buffett for details.

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