[rescue] Rescue? Well, maybe not this time ....

Phil Stracchino alaric at caerllewys.net
Mon Apr 19 01:49:58 CDT 2004

I finally made it up to New Hampshire to retrieve the APC SU3000RMNET
plus spare parts that a friend picked up for me when they were offered
on the list last September (and has been storing for us in his attic
ever since).

Sadly, I cannot mark this down as a successful rescue.  What I was
promised by the seller that we were getting was an SU3000RMNET that
powered up but complained of an unbalanced load.  What our friend told
us we'd got after making the pickup was one UPS plus most of another
which ought to provide enough parts to get the first working properly. 
What we actually *GOT* was two stripped basket-cases (one of them even
had parts of the *chassis* missing) without enough parts between the two
of them to put together one UPS that even *looked* complete, let alone
build one complete enough to try powering it up and expect anything to
happen except pops and sparks.

(If I'd seen in advance how stripped these were, I'd never have given
the seller $50.  $10 for both as spare parts if I already had a working
one, maybe.  $50 for a repairable UPS would have been a good deal for
us.  $50 for two stripped hulks is not.  I hope nobody else got burned
by this guy.)

So ... back to the drawing board.  Has anyone ever done business with
Lone Star Computer, home of much UPS repair stuff etc and reconditioned
UPSen? And if so, do you have any idea if they'll take non-working
trades against reconditioned UPSen?

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