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> lionel4287 at verizon.net writes:
> >> What? How many corporations have kids in school?
> Lots!  Government retraining paid for economic restructuring. Without that 
> more jobs would go overseas. In Oregon we have many education programs that 
> benefit corporations.

But that benefit ultimatley resides in the individual, not the corp. - they can leave their employer.
> >> How many corporations need public hospitals?
> Most of them. Public hospitals treat industrial accidents. 
> Not to mention only the executives can afford to pay for medical treatment in 
> private hospitals. Most of their employees use public hospitals, often 
> because their medical benefits from corporations are insufficient.

Public <> free.

Employees go to hospitals, not companies.
> >> Can a corporation collect welfare checks?
> Big time. They do all the time. In much bigger sums than individual poor 
> people. Look at the current Pork bill before congress. I bet corporate welfare in 
> the Bush administration far outstrips how much individual poor people get.

A tax break is not a check. Welfare is a check. 

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