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>> What? How many corporations have kids in school?

Lots!  Government retraining paid for economic restructuring. Without that 
more jobs would go overseas. In Oregon we have many education programs that 
benefit corporations.

Not to mention good schools are necessary to attract and keep business.

>> How many corporations need public hospitals?

Most of them. Public hospitals treat industrial accidents. 

Not to mention only the executives can afford to pay for medical treatment in 
private hospitals. Most of their employees use public hospitals, often 
because their medical benefits from corporations are insufficient.

>> Can a corporation collect welfare checks?

Big time. They do all the time. In much bigger sums than individual poor 
people. Look at the current Pork bill before congress. I bet corporate welfare in 
the Bush administration far outstrips how much individual poor people get.

>>What specific benefit does a corporation get directly, not through it's 

The concept of corporation law is to give corporations rights that have 
normally been reserved for individuals.

Corporations are not formed to benefits of the employee. In fact most of them 
are formed to exploit employees and make large profits for a very small group 
of people.

Astoria, OR

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