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Ross Bernheim rossber at mindspring.com
Sun Apr 18 00:48:43 CDT 2004

On Saturday, April 17, 2004, at 04:38 AM, rescue-request at sunhelp.org 

> Which, from SWMBO's account of my sleeping, sounds like the result
>     of sleep apnea.

Been there, done that, got the mug and tee shirt. Apnea is serious 
stuff. I
just wish I had gotten clued in and gotten diagnosis and treatment many
years earlier than I did.

On the other hand, the improvements in my life since treatment are
amazing and still seeing improvements more than two years since
starting treatment. To say that treatment has given me my life back
would be an understatement!

If you have apnea, or suspect that you do, get it properly diagnosed
and treated NOW. Make it the highest priority in your life!

If nothing else, getting the apnea treated will provide you with the
increased energy to use those rescued computers more.

Ross Bernheim

	There was a young lady named Bright
  	Whose speed was far faster than light;
  		She went out one day,
  		In a relative way,
  	And returned home the previous night.

	 To her friends said the Bright one in chatter,
	 "I have learned something new about matter;
		My speed was so great,
		Much increased was my weight,
	 Yet I failed to become any fatter."
		(Arthur Henry Reginald Buller )

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