[rescue] first real server hardware

Todd Killingsworth tkilling at mindspring.com
Sat Apr 17 08:19:17 CDT 2004

Isn't "Got $40" a little misleading on this?

No disk... more importantly no drive caddy, and NO IRIX.
Unless you've got a SOG monitor, you'll need a converter.

For a number of people here who already have SGI equipment, this may be a
But for someone just starting to explore the platform, won't they end up
spending $$-$$$ anyway just to make it runnable?

Todd Killingsworth

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> Heh. I long for an Octane. R10k High Impact Indigo 2 is it for me for
> now. Unless you have a spare Octane you could bring up this weekend...

Got $40?

Most of those that guy is selling don't even get bid on.  Sad, really.

Torquil MacCorkle, III
Lexington, Virginia
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