[rescue] Finding hardware that needs rescuing... Re: TCF

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Fri Apr 16 23:46:47 CDT 2004

Well, if you are into cold calling, drop in on the property managers at all 
the Universities and ask how they get rid of their surplus. Ditto at big 
hospitals. Lots of good stuff in medical equipment.

Most military bases have local sales but it is often very difficult to hear 
about them. Again there is a property or facilities manager to ask. You may 
have to do that by phone, it is getting harder to drop in at bases. There may be 
more than one property department too.

Keep an eye on the newspaper for companies downsizing, their equipment often 
shows up two to six months later. Again find the property or equipment manager 
of that company.

I bet the electric and telephone utilities have some way of disposing 
surplus. In PDX the electric company has a contract store and it is amazing what 
shows up! they were a long time IBM MF user. We got a 3082 & a 3084 there.

Keep an eye on the newspaper auction listings, make friends at the auction 
companies and sign up on all local lists. Also look in the phone book ( this may 
take more research) as to who takes/buys nonferrous or electronic scrap, 
I.E., circuit cards. Sometimes this is too late in the process but if you make 
friends again you might get advance notice when something shows up.

All governments have property managers to ask about their surplus. In Oregon 
the State has found ebay and quit holding local oral auctions. Some may be 
disposed of in private contracts. Mention the type of equipment you are looking 
for and ask what happens to it, who it might go to, when it gets surplused 

All of this works in PDX, a large city of 300,000, which I have worked for 30 

You hardly find anything in small towns except at industrial sites, hospitals 
or local government. I still have to venture to the big city for electronic 

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