[rescue] Finding hardware that needs rescuing... Re: TCF

Todd Killingsworth tkilling at mindspring.com
Fri Apr 16 22:41:53 CDT 2004

Yeah, the Cobb computer shows are nothing but vanilla PC.

There HAS to be better hunting grounds here in GA...

Around Atlanta we have Georgia Tech, Georgia State, Lockheed Martin, Dobbins
AFB, Warner Robbins, State of Georgia, and a lot of companies that went
belly up during dot-bomb days (i.e. iXL)

But I've not been able to find anything out about surplus sales or auctions
locally outside of GSA or Dovebid.  Seems like Alltel has been selling off a
lot in the past year though.

Todd Killingsworth

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On Friday 16 April 2004 05:28 pm, Brooke Gravitt wrote:
> OK, so is there anything like this in GA, AL, or TN? I know we have a big
> "computer show" at the Ga World Congress Center & at the Marietta
> Convention Center, but those are 99.9% Pee Cee.

*barf*  Been there once or twice.  Picked up a complete SS5/170 with QFE
card in it for $10-15, I think.  But otherwise, it's junk.  It's possible we
even brushed past each other without knowing ;)

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