[rescue] first real server hardware

Nadine Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Fri Apr 16 22:22:20 CDT 2004

Lionel Peterson wrote:

>>From: "N. Miller" <vraptor at promessage.com>
>>Date: 2004/04/16 Fri PM 08:47:58 GMT
>>To: "The Rescue List" <rescue at sunhelp.org>
>>Subject: Re: Re: [rescue] first real server hardware
>>>On Fri, 2004-04-16 at 10:30, Lionel Peterson wrote:
>>>>On a different topic: Trenton Computer Festival is in two weeks, anyone
> going?
>>Me neither.  How difficult would it be to get there from
>>the DC metro area?
>>(The Hamfest we went to a few weeks ago in MD was not very satisfying.)
> Nadine, where are you now? (I know, DC Metro area ;^) If you want to take the
> train (not suggested), they will have free shuttles to/from the train station
> (http://www.tcf-nj.org/shuttlevan.shtml).

I might do that if I can't work anything else out, though I'd 
like to hear why you don't suggest the train.

> This is a classic Computer Festival, more a flea market than a "Weekend PC
> Expo" at the local Holiday Inn/convention center... It used to be GREAT, now
> it is just better than anything else I've been too.

The hamfest we went to in MD was supposed to be like that, but 
there were a lot of "vendors" selling--larger outfits.  I dunno, 
I just didn't find it all that inspiring.  Having seen a broader 
(computer-wise) selection of bits at *monthly* swaps in Silicon 
Valley, perhaps I'm a little jaded.

My big "scores" were the first 4 audio CD sets (unabridged) of 
King's Dark Tower series for $50, and an $8 Super Nintendo *with* 
a Zelda cart (the latter usually still go for around $15-20).

> You really want to get there early, and you may want to consider getting a
> hotel room for the night before, to be at the show when the flea market gate
> opens.

There's little besides RPG conventions and paintball games that 
will convince me to lose sleep these days, but thanks for the 

The only thing I am actively looking to buy right now is an LCD, 
and I suspect that my requirements will force me to buy new. 
There are a few little things I wouldn't mind picking up if I ran 
across them for the right price, but I'm not itching to spend money.

I go to the swaps just because I find them interesting.  I like 
to hang with other geeks and listen to them talk the geek talk 
about the cool stuff they find as well as listen to the 
ridiculous, uninformed things sellers say or silly sales pitches 
  sellers make.  I don't know why...


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