[rescue] Computerfests (was: first real server hardware)

ed at the7thbeer.com ed at the7thbeer.com
Fri Apr 16 18:19:26 CDT 2004

>    It has nothing to do with being single.  It has everything to do with
> having the balls to stand up to someone when they try to erase the
> parts of who you are that they don't happen to like.
>    Relationships are all about compromise.  Compromise does not mean
> "delete big parts of your life".

It's interesting.  $wife does not mind a bit if I have 5 computers or 500
computers.  What bugs her is when a bunch of them sit there, unused and
unloved.  Her take on it "If you liked it enough to buy it, why don't you
do something fun with it?"

Then I show her the power bill. :(

Love is like a basement.  You just need to keep filling it up with cool
kit. ;)


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