[rescue] How much is this really worth?

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Fri Apr 16 15:38:58 CDT 2004

 Steve Hatle writes ...

> This all assumes that I want an Onyx.

Well, they are big, loud, hungry, and hot.

> I would from an "I've got another cool computer" standpoint,
> but probably not from a "where am I going to put it,
> and when will I wire 230" standpoint.

The cool factor would be hard to top, actually.  A rack Onyx as a "home
computer" is getting close to Cray territory.

> I'm not much of an SGI guy;

I wasn't, either, at first.  It grows on you.  A lot.  You'll see.  Now
you're saying "Where has fscking IRIX hidden foo?"  The one day you'll catch
yourself saying "Why doesn't fscking Solaris have chkconfig?  Or 4Dwm?"


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