[rescue] Re: first real server hardware

William G. Gruesbeck bgruesbeck at daysys.com
Fri Apr 16 14:36:52 CDT 2004

Joshua Boyd wrote

>Doesn't Gimp have a more native port than using X11 on Windows?  It used
>Also, does Cygwin/X do OpenGL acceleration?  The license of
>Hummingbird's Exceed that I used to use would.  It was a major pain in
>the but if the server was an SGI since so many of their bundled programs
>want OpenGL.  Worse yet is their programs that want IrisGL.
The way that I understood it was that Gimp would be a locally compiled 
application that used GTK for windows, and that there was nothing X11 
really involved in running it on windows. OpenGL stuff just goes right 
by me. I haven't a clue about that. But maybe it's something I should 
look into however.

William G. Gruesbeck Jr.

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