[rescue] MI/X X server (was: first real server hardware)

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Fri Apr 16 13:42:06 CDT 2004

 ssandau at gwi.net says ...

> If you are familiar with the exporting of displays and such (I know we
> all are, but not everyone else is...) MicorImages MI/X is easy, simple,
> lightweight, precompiled and free. It just provides a basic X server on
> your Windows box...

Is there a way to set up the Windows end of things to make connection, X
server startup, and host display export a one-click affair?  When I looked
at the MI/X doco (some years ago), they had this whole
telnet-in-set-variables-start-X drill.  I could certainly do that, but I'd
like something that's easier.

I've worked out a couple of W2K batch files, using a mixture of Windows
commands and Cygwin/Unix commands, that give me Windows desktop icons for
various hosts both locally and in the office (via MS-PPTP VPN).  Yeah, I'm


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