[rescue] Re: first real server hardware

ssandau at gwi.net ssandau at gwi.net
Fri Apr 16 13:04:11 CDT 2004

>>I'll probably end up using either linux or freebsd on one of my x86
>>boxes. But it sounds like Cygwin has gotten a lot more advanced since
>>the last time I used it. Someone told me that Dia and Gimp 2 will run as
>>well as several others. Would be nice for my one or two 2k boxes.
> Cygwin and Cygwin/X make a nice complement to Win2K, and the X stuff is
> quite OK.  The good news is that most of it works quite well, and it's
> improving.  The bad news is they update something almost every day, so any
> time you install the latest stuff, it breaks something.

If you are familiar with the exporting of displays and such (I know we 
all are, but not everyone else is...) MicorImages MI/X is easy, simple, 
lightweight, precompiled and free. It just provides a basic X server on 
your Windows box...


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