[rescue] first real server hardware

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Fri Apr 16 11:47:11 CDT 2004

Francois Dion writes ...

> Are there other variations of Challenge L than deskside? I tought the
> taller units were XL?

> Mine looks like this:
> http://www.lugos.si/arhiv/prispevki/vzporedni/30.jpg
> This is not a picture of mine, tough. I dont have as much space between
> the top surface and the SGI.
> Size reference with a Sun 3500: It's marked as a Tandem, but that is an
> SGI Challenge L. Wouldn't be surprised if this is owned by a listmember:
> http://www.escapethought.com/z_images/cr/img_0017.jpg
> Hey, wait a minute, Shel, isn't your Challenge L a Tandem? Is that
> *your* tandem on that picture?

It's not, but it could be.  Mine looks just like it.  As far as I can tell,
though, the difference between it and a "real" Challenge L is only


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