[rescue] Any use for AT&T 3210 DSPs?

Nathan Raymond nate at portents.com
Fri Apr 16 11:04:17 CDT 2004

I have a DayStar Image 040 accelerator (68040 PDS accelerator with a 40Mhz
68040, 128k L2 cache and two 66Mhz AT&T 3210 DSPs.  I also have a couple
of Radius NuBus cards, I think the Thunder 24GT, that have the
PhotoEngine daughter cards that have four AT&T 3210 DSPs.  That DSP is
the same kind as what's found in the 660AV and 840AV, though unlike the
AV Macs the add-in DSPs were only used in Photoshop through a filter
engine plugin as far as I know, though I found a reference to a version of
Deck II supporting them.

Is there anything useful besides Photoshop that uses these DSPs?  Anyone
want to hazard a guess how complicated it would be to add support for the
3210 DSPs to m68k NetBSD or Linux, and what benefits there would be?
(Like, if either of those OSes had sound support on mac68k, could the DSPs
be used to accelerate decoding of MP3s for playback?)

Here's the only technical info I've been able to dig up about the 3210 use
in the Mac (the second link includes a source code examples):



If I can't make use of the DSPs in anything other than Photoshop, I'll
probably just remove the daughtercards since they'll just be taking extra
power/producing extra heat and doing nothing...

- Nathan

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