[rescue] first real server hardware

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Fri Apr 16 10:00:15 CDT 2004

On Apr 16, 2004, at 10:33 AM, Joshua Boyd wrote:
>>>>  An Octane is "exotic"?  Interesting. ;)
>>> To the masses, yes.
>>   And further...I'm not sure I'd even agree, from my own viewpoint.  I
>> know more people who have Octanes than people who have PCs.  But, I
>> probably choose my friends carefully than some. :)
> That may be the case.  Although we note that your girlfriend is a 
> Windows
> user.  *poke*  ;)

   ...who just asked me to install Linux on her laptop. :) Then she'll 
only need Winblows at work, to run AutoCAD.  I'll set her laptop up to 
dual-boot, in case she ever needs to do AutoCAD work at home.

> I, on the other hand, have gotten my wife to use linux or Irix for all
> her personal computing needs (granted, she runs a web browser, and
> occasionally a word processor).  Though, she will be happier when she
> can use a Mac rather than Irix, in the near future.

   Tres cool.  Deb doesn't live in AutoCAD, though. ;)


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