[rescue] first real server hardware

Caleb Shay caleb at webninja.com
Fri Apr 16 08:40:26 CDT 2004

On Thu, 2004-04-15 at 23:36, sammy ominsky wrote:

> Heh. I long for an Octane. R10k High Impact Indigo 2 is it for me for 
> now. Unless you have a spare Octane you could bring up this weekend...

Actually, I have an extra R10K-195 Octane.  I have the front door for
it, but it only stays on with a fair amount of tape as one of the 2
plastic arms is broken (I got it that way).  It's about as base model as
you get.  SI graphics, maybe 256 MB of RAM, not sure as I haven't booted
it in a while, but I can make sure it has at least 256.  I've also got
an extra R10K-195 proc sitting around if anybody has use for one of
those.  I can throw a 10G drive and a drive sled in it, install IRIX and
it would be ready to use.

Willing to trade it for something of comparable coolness factor. 
Examples include:

An O2, even one that is slower/older than the Octane.  I have 2 Octanes
and no O2s, I'm trying to collect the whole set :)

A decent Indigo2.  Mine got dropped from a second story balcony during
my last move.  Very sad.  Don't want to get into it.

A comparable Sun.  My Sun collection at this point is a SparcClassic.

Anything with multiple processors gives me wood.  Even if it's just
multiprocessor capable but only has 1 right now.

I'm open to other suggestions/offers.   Keep in mind, just because you
think something is sucky doesn't mean I will :).


I am willing to ship this thing, but be aware of how heavy Octanes are. 
MUCH heavier than they look.  You can also pick it up in either central
NJ or the Poconos.

Octanes are loud.  If you find machine room noise comforting like I do
this won't be an issue.

Octanes are hot.  Mine heated the upstairs of my apartment this past



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