[rescue] first real server hardware

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Fri Apr 16 00:45:24 CDT 2004

Dan Duncan declared on Thursday 15 April 2004 11:15 pm:
> On Thu, 15 Apr 2004, Mike Hebel wrote:
> > What a waste - I see at least two P-Pros in there.  Those are useful
> > for x86 chips dammit.
> They're cheap, too, but try finding a motherboard that will support
> more than 2 of them for a decent price.  I still use a dual PPro200
> system as one of my main servers.  If it were 4- or 8-way, I wouldn't
> be getting rid of it.  (does anyone want an IBM Intellistation Z
> cheap?)

I don't mind the "dual 32-way" PPro-200 machine my friend and I picked 
up. (Two nodes of 32-processors).  Only runs NCR's MP-RAS (SVR4 Unix) or 
Linux (to some extent):


The picture of the card cage is only half populated, but we certainly do 
have enough to populate both nodes completely. : )

The only real bitch about the system is it's microchannel, and 100Mbit 
ethernet cards for it seem to be pure Unobtanium.  Hell, I'd even settle 
for FDDI adaptors if they worked with MP-RAS or Linux... I've got a 
bunch of RS/6000 ones, but am doubtful that they're of much use.

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