[rescue] x-servers Re: first real server hardware

Samuel Kopel kopel at vex.net
Thu Apr 15 21:16:39 CDT 2004

I am a fan of exceed but don't recommend it to anybody on a budget.

On Thu,
15 Apr 2004, William G. Gruesbeck wrote:

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> Nathaniel Grady wrote:
> > On April 15, 2004 3:18:05 PM CDT, Francois Dion wrote:
> >
> >> I'm assuming you have a workstation of some sort that can do X
> >> Windows? Even a Windows box can be coaxed into that. I typically
> >> connect using Putty SSH with X forwarding and use Reflection X.
> >
> A long bit ago I got to use Hummingbird's Exceed for a short bit on a
> school/work project. I remember thinking it was really slick, but now
> I'll probably end up using either linux or freebsd on one of my x86
> boxes. But it sounds like Cygwin has gotten a lot more advanced since
> the last time I used it. Someone told me that Dia and Gimp 2 will run as
> well as several others. Would be nice for my one or two 2k boxes.
> William G. Gruesbeck Jr.
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