[rescue] first real server hardware

Francois Dion fdion at atriumwindows.com
Thu Apr 15 15:18:05 CDT 2004

William G. Gruesbeck wrote:

> Hi everyone. I've lurked around quite a bit on the list and only 
> popped up from time to time. Well today I finally bought my first real 
> server. I just bought a Sun E250 from Anysystem off of ebay. But I 
> have a couple of quick questions. A keyboard and mouse is $20 bucks 
> extra. Is this something that I should go ahead and get even though it 
> doesn't have a framebuffer in it? Just in case. Should I even consider 
> getting a framebuffer for it? 

Sun V100 dont and cant have framebuffer, so certainly you dont *need* a 
framebuffer on the E250. It's a nice to have.

I'm assuming you have a workstation of some sort that can do X Windows? 
Even a Windows box can be coaxed into that. I typically connect using 
Putty SSH with X forwarding and use Reflection X. Or even reflection X 
straight, depends on your network topology. Else you can look into using 
a linux distro or solaris x86 on a PC. Or a more exotic box running a 
different architecture, like an SGI Octane. With the exception of 
Solaris x86 on a PC, you would need to learn yet another OS.


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