[rescue] first real server hardware

William G. Gruesbeck bgruesbeck at daysys.com
Thu Apr 15 14:38:06 CDT 2004

Sheldon T. Hall wrote:

>  Serial access is fine for installations and emergency
>maintenance.  If you want to do graphics stuff, you can always telnet or use
>X over the network.
Good point. I don't know why I didn't think of that.

>I dunno what the cert programs want you to be able to do.  If you have to
>know the GUI sysadmin tools, you might want that framebuffer, keyboard, and
>mouse.  If they emphasize command line (and IMHO they should),
>serial/telnet/X ought to do fine.
Another good point. I think I'll worry about KVM stuff when I actually 
need it. The command line stuff is more than enough to keep me busy for 
a while.

>More memory, bigger disks, faster network, the usual
>post-purchase-upgrade-fever stuff.
"Always leave 'em wanting more" I think says it best.

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