[rescue] Tektronix printer

rescue at port11.net rescue at port11.net
Thu Apr 15 10:43:50 CDT 2004

Mark Price wrote:

> Does anyone here know a lot about these beasts?
> I rescued a Tektronix Phaser 550.  It looks like a nice sturdy color 
> laser but is giving me some problems.  When I send a print job, it 
> will warm up, then start making clunking noises (sounds like knocking 
> on wood) then sometimes it will "Jam at A".  When it jams, the paper 
> has come half way out of the tray and started going through the 
> rollers, but there is no jam or wrinkled paper..
> any ideas or printer troubleshooting links would be appreciated.. I've 
> been googling
> Mark

Sounds like a displaced sensor. Dunno abut this model tektronix but I 
had the same issue with an laser and it turned out that a sensor was 
just snapped out of it's thing. And therefore it didnt detect that the 
paper got to the certain point.

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