[rescue] Burroughs (Unisys) B900 dual CPU +, S/36 +

Paul paul at techcenter3000.com
Wed Apr 14 20:08:52 CDT 2004


Well, I have a complete IBM System 36 removed from a bank. (CPU, Check
Sorter, Printers, etc.) It was all working fine when I decommissioned
it.  Also have a Burroughs  (Unisys) B900 dual CPU with 1 dual drive unit
and a single drive unit along with a bunch of printers. It too was
functioning perfectly when I decommissioned it.  I had an agreement to
store the systems for a period of time in case something was needed from
them (??? don't ask me).  The time is up and I need my space back. I would
like to get something for it. Make me an offer I can't refuse.... Plus I
may have some other things of interest, I'd have to look around.

End Quote

This stuff is around Houston, TX, if anyone is interested, let me know and
I'll forward your email to the guy.

I haven't found much on the B900 except that it was fairly new around 1984.
S/36's ,of course, vary from a PC over-full tower size to monstrous. Some of
them did use larger MFM drives (I had one that came with two working 150Meg

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