[rescue] SGI Indy picky about Trendnet 10/100 switch?

Meelis Roos mroos at linux.ee
Mon Apr 12 10:19:30 CDT 2004

I have a low-end SGI Indy (100 MHz R4600SC but this is probably
unimportant). It's onboard en0 is connected to Trendnet TE100-S55E
5 port 10/100 switch. Looks like there are negotiation problems.

I type boot -f bootp()/myfile at the PROM prompt. tcpdump on the bootp
server sees the request and the answer but seems like the answer does
never reach the Indy.

Replacing the switch with crossover cable to bootp server's Intel E100
nic, the Indy sees the answer and initiates a TFTP transfer and
everything works OK.

Is this something about the Indy (or its PROM) and autonegoatiation, or
something about the specific Trendnet switch? Any ideas for a
workaround besides sticking another nic to the boot pserver for Indy?

Meelis Roos (mroos at linux.ee)

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