[rescue] DECrepeater 90T-16

Dan Duncan dand at pcisys.net
Sun Apr 11 12:11:09 CDT 2004

On Sun, 11 Apr 2004, Collin Baillie wrote:
> I recently picked up some DEChub 90's with various routers/repeaters/etc in
> them as well as some stand alone 'stackable module's. I pulled a repeater
> out of the backplane and put the back power adapter onto it. It powers up
> and the power and ok leds light up. When I connect a bunch of my *nix
> servers on it only my DECstation 5000/240 with AUI<->UTP tranceiver gets a
> link.

Does it work normally if you leave it plugged into the dechub 90
backplane?  I ask because I have a dechub 90 and several modules
(terminal servers, hubs) and the one standalone power supply I
had only worked correctly for some of the modules.  All of them
would power up, but wouldn't work correctly.  Apparently
some of them need (different?) voltages on multiple pins which
the backplane provides but not all power supplies will.

If pluggin them into the backplane doesn't work, I have a spare
decrepeater 90t-16 that works fine or a decrepeater 90ts (8 port
hub and SNMP management station with console port) you could use
to reprogram your 90t-16 if that's the problem.

I also have one of the hubs with 6 10B2 outputs if anyone wants it.
I'm not likely to need 6 coax segments ever again.


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