[rescue] DECrepeater 90T-16

Collin Baillie tifkat at no1.com.au
Sun Apr 11 00:31:14 CDT 2004

Hey people,

I recently picked up some DEChub 90's with various routers/repeaters/etc in
them as well as some stand alone 'stackable module's. I pulled a repeater
out of the backplane and put the back power adapter onto it. It powers up
and the power and ok leds light up. When I connect a bunch of my *nix
servers on it only my DECstation 5000/240 with AUI<->UTP tranceiver gets a

I have tried (on a linux machine with a DEC 21143 NIC) rm'ing the module and
re-loading it... this works, but when I bring eth1 up the link goes out.
Bring eth1 down, and the link comes back.

All other 10/100 nics on the repeater are similar. No link light, but with a
single flash every 5 or 10 seconds.

Could this be because the repeater used to be managed and still remembers
it? Would the repeater just go back to default settings out of the
backplane?  I'd rather use this than spend more money on a new switch.
Anyone got any ideas?.



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