[rescue] Re: HD data recovery recommendations?

Gavin Hubbard ghub005 at xtra.co.nz
Sat Apr 10 01:38:36 CDT 2004

> > I've got a Hitachi (e.g., IBM) 160G IDE drive (formatted UFS+ under OS X)
> > that won't spin up.
> Have you tried the freezer trick?

Brand new drive, and I think someone else tried to use a 19V power supply
when its firewire enclosure wanted 12V, anyway... 

Completely dead, won't even show on a bus probe.  I think the PCB is toast.


-------------------<end quote>-------------------

A trick I've had good success with is to track down an identical drive and 
'borrow' its PCB until you've extracted the data from the faulty unit.

It may sound a bit silly, but it often works. I suspect that most hard-disk 
faults actually occur on the PCB rather than in the motor, platters, or heads 



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