[rescue] E5000 Power Cord?

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Fri Apr 9 16:58:09 CDT 2004

On Friday 09 April 2004 15:14, William Barnett-Lewis wrote:
> 4 250 mhz w/ 4mb Cache USII cpus
> 3 gb all in 128mb dimms
> 2 I/O boards (with SOC+) - first has a differential ultrascsi sbus
> card and an atm-155 utp sbus card. The second has a differential
> ultrascsi sbus card.

Not a bad setup, and you should be able to up those to 336MHz CPUs 
fairly cheaply off ebay.

> No key (though in the ON position) or external power cord. All the
> internal cords appear to be present. That's about all I can tell
> without powering it up.

That's good.  There's a chance I might be able to get you a key for it 
if no one else can.  Does anyone know what models of Sun stuff use 
compatible keys?

> Don't really know yet how good or bad this is, but it's sure bet it's
> the heaviest computer I've had yet. And I just realized that since
> all the appropriate appliances are gas, I don't have a 220 circuit to
> even test this on ... Arghhh!

I had the same problem in my apartment... with a Crappy++[0] ITE 
PushMatic breaker panel.  I klooged it a bit, but got a 30A 220V 
circuit in that could power my S/390.  And, as soon as I get a 3kW 220V 
UPS that should be coming to me, more things will be moved over to 

All in time for me to move out in 3 months.  YAY!

[0] Crappy++ is because the box that was installed aparently has 
provisions to prevent installation of 220V pushmatic breakers.  After 
trying to fix the breaker to fit, I ended up breaking it and ending up 
with a method to use the semi-broken breaker to connect the buss bars 
to an external SquareD 2-breaker subpanel sitting next to the pushmatic 
garbage.  The pushmatic thing might still trip at 40A, but the SquareD 
box has a 30A breaker in it, so I hope it trips first, as it's 
resettable without having to be removed. :)  Oi, I can't wait to move 
into somewhere I can put in proper electrical service.

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