[rescue] E5000 Power Cord?

William Barnett-Lewis wlewis at mailbag.com
Fri Apr 9 15:14:48 CDT 2004

I really didn't realize just how big that thing really is until I was 
getting it off the uhaul and into my garage. Sheesh. I brought the 8 
slot card cage into my office and took a peek at everything.

4 250 mhz w/ 4mb Cache USII cpus
3 gb all in 128mb dimms
2 I/O boards (with SOC+) - first has a differential ultrascsi sbus card 
and an atm-155 utp sbus card. The second has a differential ultrascsi 
sbus card.
1 disk card, no disks
1 exabyte 8mm tape
1 cdrom

No key (though in the ON position) or external power cord. All the 
internal cords appear to be present. That's about all I can tell without 
powering it up.

Don't really know yet how good or bad this is, but it's sure bet it's 
the heaviest computer I've had yet. And I just realized that since all 
the appropriate appliances are gas, I don't have a 220 circuit to even 
test this on ... Arghhh!

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like no-one is watching.
				Alex White

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