[rescue] Brewing

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Fri Apr 9 09:51:35 CDT 2004

>> And btw, I agree:  nitrogenating a small ale is an abomination.
>the most common of which is Boddington's. I just don't see the 

Boddy is a poor excuse, IMNSHO.

Thought we had best take this off-list before the topic-nazis grinch at us.

If you want to do cider, cyser, mead or whatever and you are already set up
for beer, you've got basically nothing else to buy excepting some yeast.

Mead is dead easy, if you are patient.  Cider is sometimes iffy, unless
you're careful with pasteurizing.  Skip the camden crap, good lab habits
(it's kitchen chemistry) are all you need.  Let me know if you want any
recipes, though most of mine are from the 1500's.  Mediaeval

You might consider making a perry for your wife if she is a cider fiend.
Perry is cider made from pear juices.

Have you used liquid yeast before (the good stuff, White Labs is my usual
supplier, not one of those infected, ghastly smack-packs)?  Highly
recommended, especially for cider and mead.

wes will

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