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Kevin kevin at mpcf.com
Fri Apr 9 09:24:25 CDT 2004

I would not mind it at all if they sent me a questionnaire via
mail to fill out and i could check that the car is not operable. 

If they did that, every uninsured smuck in Miami who gets the
"your license will be suspended unless you either get insurance,
hand in the tag or check this box" would just check the car not
operable box and we would get no where.  I don't profess to have
all the answers here but i do know what doesn't work, and that's
their current system.

There are huge numbers of people driving around here with no
insurance (or extremely crappy or crooked insurance, but that's
another issue.)  It would help if the cops started actually
asking for proof of insurance when they pull you over.  I've been
pulled over many times and it's a rare thing for them to even ask
down here.  Make the penalty for driving without insurance,
seizure of the car and i think you would have less of these


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> > I firmly believe that insurance should be required for all
> > car driven on public streets, but i do believe their method
> > of enforcing it is asinine.
> What is your alternative plan? I think it is a bit aggressive
> to suspend licenses for owners of uninsured cars, but it would
> make sense for the state to create a list of uninsured cars and
> either:
> a) solicit reasons via mail (check a box indicating car not
> operable, and all is well)
> b) generate a list of local uninsured autos and their
> registered owners for local law enforcement to "investigate"
> In NJ, you can not even PARK a car on the public street without
> registration,and I don't think you can register a car without
> insurance... Philadelphia has had IMENSE PROBLEMS with
> uninsured motorists, they now sieze cars found uninsured, but
> I'm not sure what happens with them... They also had a major
> clean up where they grabbed and crushed all the
> unregistered/uninsured cars found abandonded around the city...
> I have an older "collector car" worth a stated value of
> $15,000, and full insurance on that is $125/yr, but I can only
> drive it 2K miles a year, can't leave it in a shoping center
> parking lot, etc. (that is why insurance is so low - becuase
> the risk is so
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