[rescue] Replacement for canned air?

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Fri Apr 9 09:12:25 CDT 2004

>Yep, I have a 5 lb. straight CO2 tank for my beer keg, but I 
>never considered using it to blow dust out of machines. Anyway, 
>I'd have to figure out some type of fitting to interface with 
>the ball-lock keg fitting. As you said, though, the nitrogen 

Hose barb fittings work pretty well, and you can crank your regulator wide
open.  (I also homebrew beer, occasionally wine,
mead/metheglin/melomel/cyser/pyment, ciders, and make my own vinegar and

>p.s. - I think nitrogen serving gas has become over-used. It's 
>fine for Guinness, Murphy's, Beamish, etc. But personally I 
>think it's nasty for lighter ales and session beers.

If it requires nitrogen, there's something wrong with it.  Heavy dark beers
such as Guinness, et alii, well, you can make a case for it but I think
pulling your pint with a good beer engine works just as well.

And btw, I agree:  nitrogenating a small ale is an abomination.

wes will
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