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> Date: 2004/04/09 Fri PM 01:27:31 GMT
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> I firmly believe that insurance should be required for all car
> driven on public streets, but i do believe their method of
> enforcing it is asinine.

What is your alternative plan? I think it is a bit aggressive to suspend licenses for owners of uninsured cars, but it would make sense for the state to create a list of uninsured cars and either:

a) solicit reasons via mail (check a box indicating car not operable, and all is well)

b) generate a list of local uninsured autos and their registered owners for local law enforcement to "investigate"

In NJ, you can not even PARK a car on the public street without registration,and I don't think you can register a car without insurance... Philadelphia has had IMENSE PROBLEMS with uninsured motorists, they now sieze cars found uninsured, but I'm not sure what happens with them... They also had a major clean up where they grabbed and crushed all the unregistered/uninsured cars found abandonded around the city...

I have an older "collector car" worth a stated value of $15,000, and full insurance on that is $125/yr, but I can only drive it 2K miles a year, can't leave it in a shoping center parking lot, etc. (that is why insurance is so low - becuase the risk is so low).

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