[rescue] Replacement for canned air?

Nadine Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Fri Apr 9 08:00:16 CDT 2004

Geoff Koehler wrote:

> Hmmm,
> You've got to watch out with that.  Inhale a high
> concentration of CO2 and you will hit the floor, *hard*.  Im
> not kidding.
> ----- Original Message ----- From: Dan Williams
> <dan_williams at ntlworld.com> Date: Thursday, April 8, 2004

>> I've got a load of co2 cylinders for drinks which are great
>> for "cleaning" big things like fridges and fans. I've not
>> tried them on anything small yet.....

What he said!  Make sure you have a low opening (CO2 is
heavier than O2) for the CO2 to escape out of.  In paintball
shops, they have a line for venting the bottles (you have to 
chill them to get liquid into them) which has a muffler on it and 
is located near a door.  Well, if they know what they are doing, 
they do.

Be careful with the cold.  Since CO2 is in liquid form in the 
bottle, it can be a lot colder coming out due to a full state 
change.  You can get localized frostbite and possibly do 
temperatature damage to delicate components.

Depending on what the nitrogen cylinders are rated at,
they may have liquid in them as well, and the same cautions


(See what I learned at OSHA-mandated "hazardous materials 
training" for high pressure vessel handling? Aka, "paintball class".)

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