[rescue] SGI Challenge L Processors

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Thu Apr 8 22:44:11 CDT 2004

I bought a box of miscelaneous SGI Challenge boards, and in the box was a
dual-R10K/195-2 IP25 processor board.  I already had a similar board, except
the old board had the processors in slots 0 and 1, and the "new" board has
then in slots 2 and 3.

I'd not looked very closely at the board I had, but it looks like the CPUs
are just bolted on the board.  Is that so?

Can I add the two processors from the "new" board to the old board and turn
the old board into a quad-processor board?

Sheldon T. Hall
shel at cmhc.com
206-780-7971 (CMHC)
206-842-2858 (Home)

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