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Dan Duncan dand at pcisys.net
Thu Apr 8 17:06:59 CDT 2004

On Thu, 8 Apr 2004, sammy ominsky wrote:
> > why not modify a window unit?  use dryer duct to bring air in from one
> > window and exhaust the heated air out another.
> Why not just buy a split-unit AC system? They're in use all over the
> rest of the world, and work great.

I'm limited in what I can stick outside because I live in a
condo.[0]  I do have an attic, so I've considered mini-split
(central air is considered split) with the cooling unit
stuffed up there, but it gets awfully hot.  My half of
the roof is a south-facing 45-degree black slab of about 800
sq feet in area.[1]  It used to be lighter in color until they
replaced the roof a couple of years back and since then,
coupled with a drought, the upposer floor gets toasty.  I've
added an attic fan since then which helps a bit.  I can lower the
attic temp from 120 degrees to outside ambient, which is lovely at
night, but it also changes the indoor temp to outside ambient,
which sucks in the daytime.  If I do go mini-split, I would definitely
get one that does two rooms, but I suspect I would need to install
an eave-mount vent fan to keep the attic cool.  Is this correct
or will the cooling unit work bathed in 120-degree air?


[0]  Yeah, yeah, time to move, but where?  For the last 18 months I've
been working a contract job in a city 70 miles away.  I'd rather
relocate within $home_city and find a job here (thus putting me
in $fat_city) than move to $job_city (which I don't like!) but can't
really do either until this job ends (end of this month) and
I start a "permanent" one.

[1] And yet the neighbor with the north-facing half gets
the skylights.  WTF?


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