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Mattias Nordlund mathew at eagle.y.se
Thu Apr 8 15:58:33 CDT 2004

On Thu, 8 Apr 2004, Meelis Roos wrote:
> > The problem with the Realtek cards is they suck up a lot of CPU cycles.
> That was the case with earlier 8029 and such cards (PCI Ne2K clones etc
> - nothing to expect from them). By my testing, Realtek 8139C doesn't
> take more cpu time than, say, Intel 100Mbps cards. There's still a
> difference - the top bandwith with my computer was 92 MB/s with Intel
> and 87 MB/s with Realtek.

I have tested both Intel PRO/100 and Realtek 8139C on the same hardware,
and the difference was wery noticable, never checked cpu-usage. But if I
remember correct:

These are uncertain:
Via 400 MHz, 4x Intel Pro/100: 340 Mbps
Via 400 Mhz, 4x Realtek 8139C: 120 Mbps

These I remember:
NS Geode 300 MHz, 3x Intel Pro/100: 150 Mbps (only two used)
NS Goede 300 MHz, 3x Realtek 8139C: 70 Mbps (only two used)

Tested with Smartbits, so I might have the reports somewhere.


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