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Michael Schiller schiller at agrijag.com
Thu Apr 8 15:19:16 CDT 2004

On Apr 7, 2004, at 9:23 AM, Steve Hatle wrote:

> Please do post pictures. Accumulated vacation + spring road trip +
> cheap/free Sun gear could equal fun!
> Where in TN are you?

I'm in Newport TN, just over the NC border on I40. Well, I went over to 
the storage unit with my camera, and snapped a few shots. I do need to 
clarify something. I want to get rid of stuff out of the storage unit, 
so that I can move into a smaller/cheaper unit. I will not pull ram or 
hard drives, or any other parts off of machines, as I don't want to get 
rid of the cream, and be left with the crap, so if you see anything in 
the pictures that you might want, great. Please don't ask me to pull 
parts off of stuff. 1 it's too depressing, and 2 I just want to get rid 
of lots of stuff. There are a few things in there I might want to keep, 
and there are other things in there I couldn't find to take pictures of 
(there's a 3000RM UPS still on it's pallet in there somewhere to name 
one thing), so my suggestion is to look at the pictures, and if you 
think it'd be worth a trip to TN, great, email me off-list and we can 
discuss the details.

Also, while I'll be giving away most of the stuff, I'm also unemployed, 
so any and all cash donations are accepted, and/or large format 
photography goodies (my latest hobby, photography with a 4x5 view 
camera, nice and low tech).

Also, anyone that comes should plan on bringing someone along to help 
with the loading, as I'm not really physically up to doing lots of 
heavy lifting just yet :(

And the link is:


Enjoy :)

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