[rescue] RE: E5000 Pricing?

Mike Meredith mike at blackhairy.demon.co.uk
Thu Apr 8 14:51:33 CDT 2004

On Thu, 8 Apr 2004 10:05:38 -0400, William Enestvedt wrote:
> a CPU makes me grind my teeth: I just dug up last fall's quote from
> our Sun VAR for new boards for my E3500s: they want over $25,000 for a
> Board with two CPUs and a fistful of memory. (That's *after* our

Hmm ... UKP7000*1.84=$12880. I think you might want to have a word with
your VAR, because that's *twice* what we paid for a system board with
2x400MHz CPU's and 2Gbytes memory last summer. That's after .ac.uk

Jumping down the thread ... the stupid thing about buying system
boards/CPU's from a supported vendor rather than ePaying for them, is
that Sun engineers don't care where you got the board from ... they're
there to fix a fault and they're not going to worry about whether the
system is supposed to have 2 board or 4. It's only recently that Sun
started checking that a system really is on maintenance; some places
apparently would put one system on maintenance and use the contract
number to get support on the others.

(Obviously things might be different in the US, but I doubt it)

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