[rescue] Re: NetApps

Jonathan C. Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Thu Apr 8 14:49:52 CDT 2004

On Thu, 8 Apr 2004, Nadine Miller wrote:

> Here's my favorite so far from the Exchange monke...I mean
> admins:  zip attachments will now be stripped off all incoming
> mail b/c of the "virus risk" (coming from inside or outside).  If
> you need to get a zip file to someone internally rename it to
> something other than .zip.

Oh, if you think that's bad, $work's mail server trashes (doesn't
reject, just drops on the floor) and mail message with an attachment
whose filename contains more than one dot.

That's right, not even going to far as to check for .scr, .pif, or
anything like that.  I was going around and around with $vendor about
why they never mailed a gzipped tarball of their site-specific
documentation about one of our larger hardware installations, when I
finally yelled at the Postmaster and found out WTFO.

No, they can't change it.  That's the way the virus-scaning software was
written.  FWIW, the virus-scanning software also piggy-backs onto the
command-line version of McAfee, spawing a separate instance for EACH
MESSAGE that comes through.


Duhvelopers like that need their fingers broken.

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