[rescue] RE: E5000 Pricing?

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Thu Apr 8 12:35:29 CDT 2004

>>   By the way, paying a few hundred bucks for CPU Boards or a fiver for
>> a CPU makes me grind my teeth: I just dug up last fall's quote from our
>> Sun VAR for new boards for my E3500s: they want over $25,000 for a Board
>> with two CPUs and a fistful of memory. (That's *after* our generous .edu
>> discount!)
>>    Like hell, you thieves...
>   Exactly.  Which is another reason why, when "suit procedures" invade a 
> company or other organization, it just bleeds money everywhere.
>   Smart (i.e., non-suit) people buy those boards on eBay.  Worried about 
> one dying?  Buy two.  REALLY worried?  Buy three.  They're small and 
> don't take up much closet space.

HA! When we were purchased by $LARGE_COMPANY a while back, management 
said "You know how you've been buying parts and such on eBay? Well that 
was great; you saved us a lot of money. Now stop it. If you need 
anything now, we buy new from Dell."

Well, Dell doesn't seem to sell SS1000 memory or any number of other 
things we need. In addition to that, most of our requests for new stuff 
get a delay-tactic response anyway...



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