[rescue] Current collections...

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Thu Apr 8 10:49:33 CDT 2004

 Kevin Loch said ...

> Do not unnderestimate the reliability and robustness of Netgear,
> D-linnk and Linksys.  They may be cheap crap, but the Damn Stuff
> Works(tm).


> I cannot say the same for Hawking.

I have a couple of _cheap_ Hawking 5-port 10/100 switches, which came with
"free" PCI network cards in the box.  The hubs and the cards all work fine,
and seem to Play Nicely with everything else.  No other warranty expressed
or implied.

My son bought an "ASOUND PetitSwitch" 8-port 10/100 switch, and it's crap.
2 ports died in the first few days, and a couple of the others are dodgy.
Doesn't play nicely, either.

> I have had 100% success with 3com switches/hubs.

Ditto, and NICs, too.

I dunno about anywhere else in the world, but the used computer stores here,
especially RePC, have tons of huge old 10baseT and 10base2 networking stuff,
and it's really cheap.  24-port hubs/switches, etc.  Everyone's upgrading, I


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