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Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Thu Apr 8 08:52:57 CDT 2004

On Apr 7, 2004, at 11:33 PM, Nadine Miller wrote:
>> Not that I'm volunteering to take all your old gear off you, I think
>> my wife would shoot me. ;) I guess I should have qualified my earlier
>> statement with, "And I'm sure my wife would disagree."
>> I should show her some of the gear lists posted here, she might be a 
>> bit
>> more understandable then.
> I tried that tactic with my husband.  He basically said something 
> along the lines of, "You're bragging about being less crazy than some 
> other geeks with too much old crap?  OK, having a Cray would be 
> cool...if we could afford to run it."
> (He really doesn't appreciate the old stuff. :-)  Though I think he'd 
> be pleased if I plunked an Alpha down in front of him...he lusted 
> after those when he saw them demo'd at some tech show he went to when 
> they first came out.

   I think it's interesting (and a bit disturbing) that...if it is 
computer related, it is old.

   Erm, even if it isn't. ;)


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