[rescue] Re: E5000 Pricing?

Gavin Hubbard ghub005 at xtra.co.nz
Wed Apr 7 23:01:00 CDT 2004

William said:

Ok, I have a possible line on a "Sun Ultra Enterprise 5000". That's all 
the description I have. What is the minimum configuration that such a 
machine can have and boot? And what is the going price for that 
configuration these days?

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The E5000 us basically an E4000 in a Sun datacentre rack. There are some 
minor differences (regarding the internal wiring for the rack extraction fan) 
but you can easily convert an E5000 into an E4000 without breaking 

The E4000/E5000 is an UltraSPARC II machine that scales up to 14 processors 
and 28GB RAM (provided you have all the carrier boards). The mimimum 
theoretical config is a single 167MHz processor and 256MB RAM, but the 
system will certainly have more installed than that!

If you're lucky, the E5000 system rack will have some storage or tape 
hardware in it as well. The E5000 only takes up about 8U of space 
(guesstimate) so there is lots of room for stuff to be installed in there.

My advice is to try and find some of the 336/4MB US II processors on EBay. 
The last time I bought them they were selling for $5 each (not a misprint). 
The x2602A CPU/RAM carrier boards (which hold two processors) currently 
sell for about $100 each. The RAM is standard EDO/ECC DIMMs installed in 
banks of 8, you can buy it for about $150 per GB these days.



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