[rescue] Current collections...

Nadine Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Wed Apr 7 22:50:51 CDT 2004

Steve Hatle wrote:

> Yup - my 540 and 630 are Alphas.
> My 450 (NetApps second or third product, from what I can tell) appears to be
> pretty much a generic 486 motherboard with a fairly standard BIOS with a
> couple of generic Adaptec host adaptors. The cache card is a NetApp specific
> card, but it along with the software appear to be the only proprietary
> pieces.

I remember seeing an F280 in a storage closet at Cisco when we 
relocated a bunch of engineers.  It was a pedestal type box, it 
had come from one of the first two Cisco aquisition companies. 
The F330s where the first NetApps in serious use there, and we 
bought NetApp gear like candy when I was there.  We had our very 
own special build of OnTap to support our "uber-sized" netgroup file.


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