[rescue] Current collections...

Nadine Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Wed Apr 7 22:33:19 CDT 2004

Mike Parson wrote:

> Not that I'm volunteering to take all your old gear off you, I think
> my wife would shoot me. ;) I guess I should have qualified my earlier
> statement with, "And I'm sure my wife would disagree."
> I should show her some of the gear lists posted here, she might be a bit
> more understandable then.

I tried that tactic with my husband.  He basically said something 
along the lines of, "You're bragging about being less crazy than 
some other geeks with too much old crap?  OK, having a Cray would 
be cool...if we could afford to run it."

(He really doesn't appreciate the old stuff. :-)  Though I think 
he'd be pleased if I plunked an Alpha down in front of him...he 
lusted after those when he saw them demo'd at some tech show he 
went to when they first came out.


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