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Brian Dunbar brian.dunbar at plexus.com
Wed Apr 7 16:24:37 CDT 2004

On Apr 7, 2004, at 3:57 PM, Bill Bradford wrote:

> On Wed, Apr 07, 2004 at 02:26:13PM -0500, Brian Dunbar wrote:
>> Of course, no one has ever HEARD of Compaq brand network gear, but it
>> was sold (badly) for a while.  I've still got a Compaq 'Q' I wrenched
>> from the lobby wall the day we closed the facility.
> I had a Compaq switch.  Used it for a week, then replaced it with a
> $20 five-port 10/100 switch from Radio Shack.
> (no offense to any products you may have worked on, but the one I had 
> was
>  a piece of crap.. had lots of pretty LEDs tho)
No worries - I was in IT, and a junior admin at that.  We used our own 
'stuff' in house but looking back most of the infrastructure on 'my' 
network was from the Netelligent era.  Hmmmm.

After Compaq acquired the place we tried to upgrade to the 'latest and 
greatest' gear and .. no budget.  WTF?  You'd think we could have 
scooped the gear off of the line and just _USED_ the stuff.  We did 
eventually acquire a rack of "Comaq' servers, which looked pretty 
high-toned compared to the white-box servers we had running NetWare, 
and the IBM machine running the ERP app. (my first 'unix' box, btw).

On the other hand . once in a while a particularly eager beaver 
new-hire sales droid would find their way into the server room.  They 
invariably expected to find a room full of gleaming machinery and racks 
of humming of humming Comaq branded network gear.  The reality of a 
working machine room that was not a lab, was not photogenic and where 
everything was as new as it had to be to function (which meant, not 
very, a weird source of pride many a Rescue list member knows of) was a 
always a high point in my day.


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